About SBM HQ

Small Business Marketing 

Small Business Marketing is run by small businesses for small businesses. Together we can help one another grow and prosper and its with this philosophy we offer the following information completely free of charge.


Small Business Marketing HQ is a website with a difference. It’s not only a single point resource for small businesses to use as a marketing guide and inspiration to find more business and make more profit. Marketing is changing and its imperative that we keep up with the many opportunities social media, content marketing and a whole host of internet & email marketing techniques. Not to over look tried and tested Customer relationship management and telemarketing systems. Good old-fashioned referrals to advertising. We aim to cover all aspects of the subject.


This site is going to be run by a number of specialists in specific areas of marketing by podcasting and blogs. The information is shared freely but if you require more help in specific contributors you are invited to contact us with your questions or further help.


It’s the aim of the site to help small businesses become larger businesses. I truly believe the techniques available today are affordable and whether its marketing on a shoestring we can still compete with the multinational if we act like gorillas. It’s all about having the knowledge of what can be done and how the techniques can be implemented.  The content is not a golden ticket to increased sales but if applied it will hopefully stop wasted time and money on conventional advertising.


This site will be a journey I hope you will follow the passion and dedication to build better businesses and lives for us all.


David Guice founder of Small Business Marketing HQ.